Corrupt Untrustworthy CNN Fake ‘News’ Network Falls to #13 Among Cable News Outlets

The ultra-corrupt fake news network, CNN, has been repeatedly shooting itself in the dick over the last few years, and the self-inflicted wounds are starting to pile up in 2017.

Corrupt Untrustworthy CNN Fake 'News' Network Falls to #13 Among Cable News Outlets

Corrupt Untrustworthy CNN Fake ‘News’ Network Falls to #13 Among Cable News Outlets

The shit-pile now covering the craptastic CNN fake news network is so thick that even the good journalists at the network (there aren’t many) are being dragged down by the corruption and hypocrisy at the network.

CNN has been hurt so badly with the lies and corruption they use to mislead the American People that the network has quickly fallen from #6 back to #13 in cable news ratings, with no end to the ratings carnage in sight.

Serves the corrupt fake news CNN dickheads right, as untrustworthy networks will always lose viewers and revenue.

CNN should just go ahead and close up shop because their nosedive in the ratings is far from over, and when all is said and done CNN will be losing money in the very near future.

CNN has fallen to #13 in cable TV rankings, according to weekly numbers posted on Thursday by TV Newser.

The ratings slide comes as the network has come under heavy scrutiny for a variety of journalistic missteps, including the retraction of an article alleging that a Trump associate had illicit Russian business ties.

Fox News and MSNBC are listed as first and second, respectively, in the cable rankings, which measured average audience sizes for the period between June 26 and July 2. Fox News drew an audience of around 1.82 million while MSNBC drew an audience of 1.34 million. CNN had only 711,000 viewers on an average day during the measurement period.

Fox News has maintained the top spot over the past five TV Newser rankings analyzed by The Daily Caller. MSNBC has bounced between the second and third position while CNN has steadily fallen from sixth to thirteenth over the past month.

The network has slipped in another important category.

For the week ended June 4, CNN was viewed by 1.0 percent of all households, on average. Fox News was watched by 2.0 percent while 1.3 percent of households watched MSNBC. But for the most recent week, CNN was watched by just 0.8 percent of households. Fox News and MSNBC were viewed by 2.1 percent and 1.5 percent of households, respectively.

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