Corrupt D.C. Dumbfucks Vote To Erect Statue of Disgraced Crackhead Mayor Marion Barry In Front of Wilson Building

Holy shit, this is pretty fucking funny!!!!! The brainless & corrupt Democrats in DC, who are probably mostly crackheads themselves, have voted to erect a statue of disgraced, nearly illiterate criminal crackhead and former DC mayor, Marion Barry, in front of the Wilson Building.

Barry was also busted in 2002 when traces of pot and cocaine were found in his car, though no charges were filed for some reason.

Watch the crackhead Marion Barry insult this reporter in the video above because she dared to ask Barry about his over $600 of unpaid parking tickets, and berates the reporter for bothering him with such trivial matters. That was just the parking tickets, and Barry had a total of outstanding unpaid tickets worth almost $3000. Not only did Marion Barry routinely not pay tickets, but he rarely renewed his license plates, and apparently didn’t even have insurance on his car.

What a fucking deadbeat loser!!! And the DC Council wants to honor this lowlife crackhead convict?!?!

Watch Chris Rock make some jokes about Crackead Marion Barry, but ask some good questions.

  • How the fuck does a shitty person whose been busted, and spent time in prison for smoking crack, GET RE-ELECTED MAYOR of NY????
  • Who the fuck ran a political campaign against Crakhead Marion Barry, AND LOST???? Probably an even worse criminal???
  • How the fuck could a New York parent tell their kids not to smoke crack, when it’s acceptable that the city re-elects an almost illiterate crackhead???

Why is it that the Democrats heap praise on the worst of the human kind, like Hillary Clinton, the racist Democrat KKK senator Robert Byrd, criminal sexual deviant Anthony Weiner, and now wants to honor a stupid crackhead loser Marion Barry.

Only the brainless ultra-corrupt Democrats in DC would re-elect a criminal crackhead, or would try and erect a statue of the dirty crack-smoking convict, while at the same time working to tear down historic statues of great Americans throughout history from many American cities.

I still haven’t been able to find how/why Marion Barry died, other than the announcement that it was “Cardiac arrest”. I wonder if he died of an overdose of crack or other drugs?

The DC Council has taken a large step towards placing a statue of former Mayor Marion Barry in front of its home.

In a meeting Tuesday, the DC Council Committee of the Whole voted unanimously to a measure that would advance the possibility of adding a statue dedicated to the late mayor in front of the Wilson Building.

The matter was not actually passed today, Council Chairman Phil Mendelson said because someone forgot to publish it in the city register, as required by law. Mendelson said it is now on the Consent Agenda of non-controversial items that will be passed all together with one vote in the next council session.
That session could come in as little as two weeks.

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