Conservatives Who Vote For “Gang of 8” Sham Amnesty Bill Better Start Looking For Jobs

Trust us when we say ANY Republican who votes for the “Gang of 8” Amnesty Bill better start looking for a new job, because all so-called conservatives who vote in favor of the amnesty bill will be voted out of office in the next election by a huge margin.

Conservatives Who Vote For "Gang of 8" Sham Amnesty Bill Better Start Looking For Jobs

Conservatives Who Vote For “Gang of 8” Sham Amnesty Bill Better Start Looking For Jobs

TRUE Conservatives will not stand for the lies and inaction we get from Washington, when it comes to securing our borders.

For the security and safety of our nation, our borders should be closed now, and if the conservatives in office now won’t do it, we will find new people to elect who will!

Staff for Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) told Breitbart News on Thursday that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid appears to be attempting to position the “Gang of Eight” bill so he can rush it through the Senate next week, before the opposition to the bill from the American people gets any stronger.

“Reid could systematically table all the remaining amendments that are pending, holding votes to table one at a time,” background provided by Sen. Sessions’ staff reads. “Then he could call up Corker-Hoeven. After debating the amendment, he could file cloture on it to end debate. He could also block debate and immediately file cloture. Then, a vote would be taken on the amendment. After Corker-Hoeven passed, Reid could ‘fill the tree,’ which is a power he has to block consideration of any amendments (and one he’s used far more than his predecessor, Bill Frist). Reid could then file cloture on S. 744 as amended by Corker-Hoeven. Then, a vote on final passage would occur. So the bill, in its current form with the exception of the addition of Corker-Hoeven, could be passed (if it had the votes) without any further opportunity given to senators to alter/improve it—by early next week, even.”

Reid has already tabled multiple amendments that would have made the bill better in one way or another. For instance, Reid tabled an amendment from Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) that would have actually made border security happen before any illegal aliens got amnesty, and one from Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) that would not have fixed border security before legalization, but would have instituted a real trigger along the pathway to citizenship and would have deported convicted criminal illegal aliens. Currently, the Gang of Eight bill allows convicted serial drunk drivers, domestic abusers and child abusers, among other criminals who are illegal aliens, to stay in the country.

As the conservative opposition to the Gang of Eight grows stronger, louder and more organized, though, Reid appears to be positioning himself to move quickly to rush the big government bill across the finish line.

True Conservatives will vote against the latest amnesty bill being forced through by the democrats and some brain-dead Republicans.

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