Colleges Promoting Libtard Snowflake Culture Hit Most With Sharp Enrollment Decline

Delta Upsilon Yanks Charter of University of Missouri Chapter Over Accusations From Racist Mizzou Blacks

Delta Upsilon Yanks Charter of University of Missouri Chapter Over Accusations From Racist Mizzou Blacks

Colleges that allow, or put up with, staff and students attacking the President of the United States, the US Constitution, or holding the university and it’s students hostage for racist black purposes have seen a very sharp decline in enrollments, and many are facing financial problems that could spell the end of some of these schools.

We think it’s pretty much just common sense that a parent, unless the parent is a fucked-up libtard criminal, would ever want to send their kids to a school where conservatives are looked at as the enemy more than Muslim Terrorists, and where conservatives are in real physical danger, if they don’t profess a sick hatred of America like the rest of their moonbat loser comrades.

Just take a look at colleges like the University of Missouri Columbia, which was once a great school, but due to unchecked racism by a bunch of black trouble-makers, Mizzou has turned into the butt of many jokes, and is now in REALLY bad shape due to a nosedive in enrollments.. and things are only getting worse at MU.

The University of Missouri Columbia has seen dropping enrollments since the group of racist liars took over the school and city back in 2015, which has forced the university to close at least 4 dorms I believe, and have even started renting out the empty dorm rooms to try and recoup some of their losses.

As colleges and universities continue down the path to becoming social justice institutions, potential students are looking elsewhere. As a result, enrollment continues to drop and campus budgets tighten.

According to The Washington Times, this revolt is most prevalent with conservatives who “have become more skeptical about the value of a college degree,” especially after seeing what you have to put up with from the campus crybabies. A Pew Research study noted a drop in how Republicans view colleges these days. Two years ago, 54 percent believed a university education was a positive thing, but that number was down to 36 percent in July.

Gallup found similar drops as only 33 percent of Republicans have any real confidence in a university education; the rest said they have only “some or very little.”

The phenomenon is happening all over, from Oberlin to Kenyon College in Ohio. The Times reports:

According to a document leaked to The Oberlin Review, the school’s student newspaper, the small liberal arts college famous for social justice hoaxes has had trouble attracting and retaining students, missing this year’s enrollment mark by 80 and racking up a $5 million budget deficit in the process…

“This is a year in which you were vulnerable if you were a small liberal arts college in a rural red state and you attract a significant portion of your student body from the East Coast or West Coast, which would certainly be the case with Kenyon,” Diane Anci, Kenyon’s vice president of enrollment and dean of admissions and financial aid, told the Ohio school’s Kenyon Collegian newspaper…

Meanwhile, Evergreen [State College] faces a $2.1 million budget shortfall this year since students took over the campus last spring, barricading themselves in the library, berating administrators on a regular basis and forcing one dissenting professor to teach off campus out of fear for his safety.

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