CNN Fake ‘News’ Network Loses In Ratings to FX, TLC, The Discovery Channel & Nick-at-Nite

CNN, AKA ‘The Very Fake “News” Network’, is getting trounced in the ratings, and not just by their usual rivals of FOX News and MSNBC. No, now CNN Fake News Network is also losing to FX, TLC, The Discovery Channel & even Nick-at-Nite.

CNN Fake 'News' Network Loses In Ratings to FX, TLC, The Discovery Channel & Nick-at-Nite

CNN Fake ‘News’ Network Loses In Ratings to FX, TLC, The Discovery Channel & Nick-at-Nite

It’s pretty sad when a reruns of shows like “All in the Family” beats a 24 hour “news” network in the ratings, who claims to be “the most trusted name in news”.

CNN is actually the LEAST trusted name in news, and CNN is the laughing-stock for the rest of the news business, who won’t tell the truth to the American People, and pretty much can’t do anything right.

Even Poland’s President, Andrzej Duda, realizes that the fake news coming out of the alt-left libtard media hacks at CNN and others is Fake News, and wrote “Let’s FIGHT FAKE NEWS” in a Twitter post.

I find it very amusing how a corrupt piece of shit libtard CNN hack White House reporter Jim Acosta actually has the nerve to say that President Trump trafficking in Fake News, when Fake News is all that CNN offers to all 11 of their alt-left nut-job viewers, and Acosta is one of the worst at the network.

Jim Acosta, and all other corrupt political hacks at CNN, initially latched onto the Democrat talking points saying that “17 intelligence agencies agree that Russia hacked US election”, when the truth is that only the most politically corrupt 4 intelligence agencies were on board with the Democrat hoax.

Which is it you dumb fuckers? Brainless douchebags at CNN might not realize it, but there’s a BIG difference between 3-4 and 17!

CNN, rocked by a fake news scandal and accusations of blackmail, is taking a significant hit in its primetime ratings, losing not only to Fox News and MSNBC, but also to FX, TLC, The Discovery Channel — and even children’s TV network Nick-at-Nite.

The network was hit last month by an embarrassing fake news scandal in which it was forced to retract an article on alleged ties between a Russian investment fund and members of Trump’s campaign team. Three employees resigned in relation to the scandal.

But it has also been dogged by tapes suggesting that some of its employees believe the Russia-Trump controversy is “bullshit,” and just this week the network was widely condemned for having gone after the alleged creator of an anti-CNN meme that President Trump later tweeted. The hashtag #CNNBlackmail quickly went viral online.

It appears the network is suffering in the ratings as a result. As first reported by The Federalist, cable ratings for June 26 — July 2 show that while Fox and MSNBC occupy the first and second slots for ratings 8 p.m. – 11 p.m., CNN is in 13th place.

This means that the “most trusted name in news is being beaten by Fox News, MSNBC, HGTV, USA Network, TBS Network, the History Channel, ESPN, the Discovery Channel, FX, TLC, Nick-at-Nite, and Investigation Discovery.

CNN however, seems to be showing no sign of letting up. CNN Senior White House reporter Jim Acosta accused President Trump of “fake news” on Thursday for claiming that “three or four” intelligence agencies had identified Russia as the culprit in hacking during the 2016 presidential election — but the president was correct, and Acosta was wrong.

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