CBS ’60 Minutes’ May Have Used Production Color Tricks To Make Steve Bannon Look Bad

CBS denies using color tricks to alter the color, highlights and shadows on Steve Bannon during and after the filming of ’60 Minutes’, but after reviewing the “evidence” it seems like CBS probably did alter the lighting beforehand, or the production effects afterwards to make Steve Bannon look sick or evil.

The drapes and face are dead giveaways for me, and I believe that CBS actually did alter the video of Bannon to make him look evil.

Last night, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon appeared on CBS‘ 60 Minutes, and the interview was nothing short of riveting. Bannon aimed insults at Hillary Clinton all night, insisting that “she’s not very bright” and criticizing her for being out of touch with real issues; he also said that the firing of former FBI chief James Comey was tantamount to the worst mistake in “modern political history.” However, what Bannon told Charlie Rose isn’t the only thing at issue today. Photographer Peter Duke has some major issues with CBS’ treatment of Bannon, and in a video posted on his YouTube channel, Duke explains how the network could have altered the video’s color to make Bannon appear “like a bleary-eyed drunk.”

Duke explains how the CBS post-production team may have increased the level of saturation on Bannon, making his lips appear red and creating pronounced red circles under his eyes. He contrasts the bright orange curtains behind Bannon with those behind host Charlie Rose, suggesting that Rose’s shot was made “cooler” to increase subtlety while the ex-White House staffer’s shot was made warmer to highlight (and create new) blemishes.

When Duke applies Rose’s color adjustments to Bannon and vice versa, the red circles under his eyes disappear and the shadows on his face become lighter. Rose, now heavily saturated in reds and oranges, looks clownish with his bright orange face and pink cheeks. Later, Duke applies similar color corrections (which he calls “grading closer”) to both the host and his guest, and lo and behold, it makes a huge difference in their appearances.

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