Cato Institute Study Shows Illegal Immigrants Commit FAR More Violent Crime Than Legal Immigrants

The Cato Institute did a study to try and prove that American Citizens commit more violent crime than illegal immigrants, but in the process only proved what we already knew – that illegal immigrants commit violent crime at an alarming pace, which is well over half the rate of violent crime committed by legal immigrants.

Yes, it may be true that American Citizens commit more violent crimes than illegal immigrants, but really all that matters is the percentage of crime to the population.

There are over 300 million American Citizens living inside the United States, but there are only about 25 million illegal immigrants, so it should be expected that a group of 300 million people would commit more crime than another group that consists of only 25 million.

In a nightmare situation where the number of illegal immigrants in the United States was raised to the same number of American Citizens (300 million), the illegal immigrant murder rate alone would be over 200 million more than actual citizens.

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