Late Condemning Weinstein Friend Ben Affleck Now Caught Up In Own Sexual Harassment Scandals

Since the disgusting Harvey Weinstein story broke, multiple women have now started coming out to speak about incidents that happened with Ben Affleck, saying that Ben Affleck sexually harassed/assaulted them as well.

Above is a video of Ben Affleck groping Anne-Marie Losique during a 2004 interview for his movie “Jersey Girl”.

Ben Affleck laughably claims that he had no clue about the actions of Harvey Weinstein, but actress Rose McGowan also seems to say that that is a lie, and that Ben Affleck most definitely knew she was “assaulted” by his close friend Harvey Weinstein.

Rose McGowan: “GODDAMNIT! I TOLD HIM TO STOP DOING THAT” you said that to my

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NYT Broke Old Weinstein Sex Scandal Story They Sat On for Decades To Swamp O’Keefe Negative NYT Story

The New York Times had the details of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal since way back in 2004 or before, but hid it from the American People because Harvey Weinstein was one of their own breed of corrupt libtards.

Why did the New York Times finally break the Weinstein Sex Scandal story after decades of sitting on it, and keeping it hidden?

The answer to why the New York Times decided to finally out one of the worst sexual predators we have ever seen, at this particular point in time, was to save themselves.

The New York Times didn’t WANT TO release the Weinstein Sexual Predator story, they HAD TO!…

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Disgustingly Ugly “Fashion Designer” Donna Karan Blames Women For Being Sexually Harassed, Assaulted, Raped

Disgustingly Ugly "Fashion Designer" Donna Karan Blames Women For Being Sexually Harassed, Assaulted, Raped

Disgustingly Ugly “Fashion Designer” Donna Karan Blames Women For Being Sexually Harassed, Assaulted, Raped

Typical!!! When an audio tape of President Trump saying some cringe-worthy things the libtard fake news went crazy and plastered it all over their networks for weeks, and most brainless libtard squawking head fucks were saying that it was “the end of Trump”.

Now that a fat disgusting libtard like Harvey Weinstein is the person caught up in one of the worst sexual scandals we have seen in many years, stupid untrustworthy libs, like Donna Karan, have no harsh words for Weinstein, and want to blame the women for being sexually harassed, abused or even raped.…

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Fugly Talentless Loser Michael Rapaport Goes On Unhinged Tirade After Vice President Pence Left Colts-49ers NFL Football Game

Michael Rapaport is one fucking stupid, fugly and talentless so-called “actor”, who has been trying to act for many years, but drags down every project he is involved with, has just gone on an unhinged tirade against Vice President Mike Pence after Pence left the Colts-49ers NFL football game when stupid and racist NFL players began disrespecting America and the flag by kneeling for the national anthem.

With the gay direction his attacks took, I’d bet that Rapaport must be a homo, and hiding in the closet while blowing his equally-gay friends.

The only reason why butt-ugly Rapaport was even allowed to “act” in the first place is because of …

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Harvey Weinstein Admits Groping Model On Forceful & Creepy Secret NTPD Sting Audio?

New NYPD sting audio of Harvey Weinstein has been released, where Weinstein seems to admit to touching Filipina-Italian model, Ambra Battilana Gutierrez’s breast against her will, and repeatedly tries to pressure the girl into doing something she obviously didn’t want to do..

Just listen to the creepy audio above where Weinstein tries over and over to get this young girl to come into his hotel room while Weinstein “takes a shower”, and will not take no for an answer. You can tell from his tactics that he has probably done this a few times before.

We pick up the action about halfway through, so Weinstein has already been working on …

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NFL Criminals: Miami Dolphins Offensive Line Coach Chris Foerster Resigns After “Cocaine Snorting” Video Surfaces

Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster has resigned from the team after a video surfaced of Chris Foerster apparently snorting a few lines of cocaine.

The funny thing about the video is that Chris Foerster is FILMING HIMSELF while snorting lines of what appears to be cocaine.

We are hearing that a stripper by the name of Kijuana Nige posted the video on Facebook. I wonder if the stripper is who he was talking to in the video?

Who the hell is really that fucking stupid to actually film yourself doing drugs, and then possibly sends the video to a stripper?

Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster appears …

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Gross Libtard Dinosaur Meryl Streep Rips Harvey Weinstein After Multiple Women Allege Sexual Harassment

Disgusting libtard dinosaur “actress” Meryl Streep has ripped Harvey Weinstein after Weinstein has been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment or sexual assault.

After Sivan rejected his advances, stating that she had a long-term boyfriend, Weinstein allegedly began to masturbate in front of her until he ejaculated into a potted plant, before zipping his trousers up and returning to the party.

Meryl Streep claims that Harvey Weinstein was “respectful” to her in their dealings, but that really doesn’t mean anything about the way he treats women – and only shows how he treats Streep.

Look at the images above, and pay attention to the details in the image of …

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California Hepatitis A Outbreak Almost Reaches Statewide Epidemic Status

The California hepatitis A outbreak is spreading, has killed 17 people so far, and infecting more Californians by the day.

The stupid libtard jackasses that run and live in California are to blame for the deadly hepatitis A outbreak that is quickly spreading across the state.

California public health officials are desperately scrambling to offer vaccine injections to the homeless, but many in the population are under legal warrants and do everything possible to avoid being identified.

The brainless decisions in California to decriminalize the disgusting act of shitting and pissing in the streets, and the banning of plastic bags, have both almost certainly helped make the hepatitis A outbreak …

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