San Fransicko’s Dangerous Human Shit & Piss, Garbage & Drug Needle Covered Streets Rival World’s Worst Slums

Stupid deviant libtard dumbfucks in San Fransicko really only care about themselves, which is why the streets and sidewalks of San Fransicko are filled with Human shit and piss, as well as loads of trash and countless numbers of drug needles.

In fact, the crap-flled city is apparently forced to spend over $30 million cleaning up shit, piss, drug needles and trash from the streets and sidewalks, instead of using that money trying to help the crazy-out-of-control homeless and illegal immigrant problems in the city.

“If you do get stuck with these disposed needles you can get HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and a variety of other viral diseases. If

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Thousands of FBI Investigations Called Into Question As More Details of FBI Crime & Corruption Revealed Daily

The American People are now starting to learn that FBI criminal Andrew McCabe altered Peter Strzok’s 302 reports of the General Flynn interview to help cover up their crimes — and then criminal FBI dickhead Andrew McCabe actually destroyed the evidence to prevent anyone from being able to see the revisions he made to the FBI reports.

Thousands of FBI Investigations Called Into Question As More Details of FBI Crime & Corruption Revealed Daily

Thousands of FBI Investigations Called Into Question As More Details of FBI Crime & Corruption Revealed Daily

“According to Cernovich Andrew McCabe altered Strzok’s 302 reports — then destroyed the evidence.”

A FD-302 form is used by FBI agents to “report or summarize the interviews that they conduct”, and contains information from the

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Did “Authorities” Intentionally Allow Florida School Massacre For Distraction?

With all of the warnings and red flags that were thrown up before Nikolas Cruz shot up the Florida school, it is hard to believe that this is just a case of a mass murderer just “slipping through the cracks”.

The “Authorities” were alerted on multiple occasions that Cruz was a threat, and there was plenty of warnings that seem to have been ignored.

Two people specifically reported Nikolas Cruz to the FBI as a troubled person who may become a school shooter, as well as many, many other red flags that usually alone should have been enough of an alert to stop this tragedy.

Using his real name, Cruz …

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Unbelievable FBI Incompetence/Crimes Directly Resulted in the Death of 17 People in Florida School Shooting

There needs to be a full investigation and accounting of the FBI’s horrible, and possibly criminal mishandling of the intelligence that would have prevented the Parkland, Florida Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

Not once, but twice, and as late as Jan 5th, the FBI was specifically warned about dangers that Nikolas Cruz posed to the public, and each warning also specifically referenced a “school shooting”, but the FBI did nothing to stop the ticking time-bomb, and allowed Cruz to shoot up the school.

Then we have all of Cruz’s disturbing social media posts, including cutting his arms on Snapchat, and a declaration that he wanted to buy a gun …

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Corrupt DOJ Official Bruce Ohr Faces Jail Time Over Falsified Documents, Fusion GPS, Fake Trump Dossier

Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr may be heading to prison if it is found that he falsified documents, and for his dirty unreported connections to Fusion GPS and the Fraudulent Trump Witch-hunt Dossier, and the coverup of Clinton/DNC/FBI/DOJ crimes.

“What’s dangerous here, too, for Bruce, who could be in a lot of trouble over here, he could face criminal penalties. He wasn’t even assigned to the case when he would have had the chance to recuse himself. From everything we understand, he took the dossier and put it in front of the FBI of his own volition. He didn’t recuse himself. He didn’t say anything like that and he …

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Godless Skank Joy Behar & “The View” Attack Christian Faith As “Mental Illness”

Joy Behar of the shit-show “The View” attacked all Christians by calling the Christian faith a mental illness.

Godless Skank Joy Behar & "The View" Attack Christian Faith As "Mental Illness"

Godless Skank Joy Behar & “The View” Attack Christian Faith As “Mental Illness”

Godless cuntbag Joy Behar is one bat-shit-crazy libtard skankzilla, who should probably be committed, because she has seriously lost her fucking mind!

Why is “The View” still on the air? That piece of shit show is just another media protection arm of the Democrat party, who regularly attack conservatives, Christians, and especially President Trump in very disgusting ways, but that fits right in with ABC’s business model of of producing laughably untrustworthy liberal shows and reporting.

ABC is facing

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Newt Rips the Huge & Very Serious Clinton/Obama/DNC/FBI/DOJ FISAGATE & Email Scandal Corruption & Coverup

Everyone should watch this video of Newt Gingrich and Maria Bartiromo laying out the details, problems and what needs to happen in the huge and very huge and serious Clinton/Obama/DNC/FBI/DOJ FISAGATE & Email Scandal corruption & cover-up.

“..the truth is that the Attorney General’s should intervene. He is not recused on any of this and the Attorney General should intervene and should appoint a special counsel for all those people, including the director of the FBI including the former attorney general. I mean, yeah, we have a very serious problem of corruption at the very top of our judicial system and our FBI system in a way which I think

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Brainless Democrat Senator Bill Nelson Claims Spreads Fake News About Parkland Florida School Shooting

Democrat Senator Bill Nelson is using the Parkland Florida school shooting to argue in favor of taking away American gun rights, yet the idiot obviously has no fucking clue what he is talking about.

“Here is an automatic weapon, an assault rifle. Just look in Florida: Pulse Night club a couple of years ago, a year ago the Fort Lauderdale airport, now this. And that’s just the state of Florida.” – Brainless Florida Democrat Senator Bill Nelson

On multiple occasions, brainless Democrat senator Bill Nelson has been out there spreading fake news, as he claimed that Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz used an “automatic weapon” to commit his heinous attack, …

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