Brainless FOX Skank Marie Harf Tries to Forget About Obama Stuttering & Stammering Off Teleprompter

Brainless libtard FOX skank Marie Harf actually said that she misses “having a president who can speak complete sentences”, but what she really meant was that she misses having a President who can read from a teleprompter, because without the words in fromt of Obama, he was a stuttering mess, who makes President Trump look like a wordsmith genius.

Obviously mentally-challenged FOX News loser hack Marie Harf is a complete joke who would like to forget all about the many embarrassing times that stuttering & stammering Obama spoke without a teleprompter; what a complete joke!

(Some fake Onion “reporting” thrown in at the end for fun)

I’d rather have a President, like President Trump, who can use his own brain and speak on his own, instead of always needing to have someone else pulling the strings and telling Obama what to say and do.

Fucking disgusting libtard FOX News losers are now just another Fake News outlet, like CNN, MSNBC and the others!

Fox News contributor and former Obama administration official Marie Harf suggested Monday that President Donald Trump cannot speak in complete sentences.

“I miss having a president who can speak complete sentences,” Harf said in an apparent comparison between Trump and former President Barack Obama.

Harf was commenting on a speech Obama gave Sunday night while accepting the 2017 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage award.

Meghan McCain, Harf’s co-host on Fox News’ show “Outnumbered” and daughter of Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.), rebuked Harf’s suggestion.

“Good Lord, Marie,” McCain said. “Oh, come on! That is so low. That is beneath you, girl.”

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