Brainless Democrat Senator Bill Nelson Claims Spreads Fake News About Parkland Florida School Shooting

Democrat Senator Bill Nelson is using the Parkland Florida school shooting to argue in favor of taking away American gun rights, yet the idiot obviously has no fucking clue what he is talking about.

“Here is an automatic weapon, an assault rifle. Just look in Florida: Pulse Night club a couple of years ago, a year ago the Fort Lauderdale airport, now this. And that’s just the state of Florida.” – Brainless Florida Democrat Senator Bill Nelson

On multiple occasions, brainless Democrat senator Bill Nelson has been out there spreading fake news, as he claimed that Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz used an “automatic weapon” to commit his heinous attack, when in fact the rifle was semi-automatic. THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE!

Democrat Senator Bill Nelson kept claiming that the AR-15 used in the shooting was an “automatic” assault rifle, when in fact the weapon the shooter used was semi-automatic.

“This senator grew up on a ranch. I have hunted all my life I have had guns all my life. I still hunt with my son but an AR-15 is not for hunting it’s for killing.”

The brainless senator claims that he has hunted his whole life, and apparently hunts all the time with his son, but doesn’t know the difference between an “automatic” weapon and a “semi-automatic” weapon.

Anyone who knows anything about guns will tell you that you can fire rounds just as fast with a handgun than you can with an AR-15, so the loss of life would probably not have changed if he had been using a handgun instead of a rifle.

Nelson also seems to claim that it is “not reflective of our open society” to arm school faculty  members or hire guards to try and stop these deadly soft target school attacks.

Then we have the mentally retarded dickheads at CNN adding their 2 cents (well overpriced) chiming in to say that in Florida, you don’t need to have a permit to conceal carry a rifle or a shotgun.

Maybe that is because you pretty much can’t conceal carry a rifle or shotgun, and anyone with half a fucking brain would know that. Too bad the Fake News Idiots at CNN are working with much less than half a brain – combined – or else they would have figured that out.

Seems to me that Florida has a huge problem with the authorities in Florida allowing criminals to shoot large numbers of people at soft target locations like schools and nightclubs, and that Florida probably has some explaining to do.


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