Brainless Alt-Left Losers Froth Against Confederate Statues But Mindlessly Support the Racist Democrat Party of Confederates

Confederate statues are not the problem. The racist Democrat party, which all of the Confederate statues signify, are the entire problem.

Brainwashed Blacks Want Removal of Confederate Flag But Support Racist Democrat Party of Slavery & KKK Who Created the Flag & Fought to Protect Slavery

Confederates are Democrats and Democrats are Confederates; there is no way to separate the two, so if someone wants to get rid of Confederate statues, then they should also want to get rid of the Democrat Party that fought the Civil War against the Republicans to keep slavery alive.

It’s just funny as hell that these brainless idiots are soo against the Confederate history of our nation, and want to pull down the art dealing with that racist history of the Democrat party, but then turn around and vote for Democrats.

Think about that for a minute.. It’s just soo fucking stupid and insane!

The truth is that Democrats are frantically trying to erase the racist slave-driving history of the Democrat party, in fear that the Democrat voting black people will eventually put 2 and 2 together to realize that the black population has been mindlessly supporting the party who would love nothing more than to have black slaves today.

Once these corrupt and stupid Democrats are successful in getting rid of all Confederate flags and memorials, they will then start to ban all books that contain informatuion about the racist Democrat Confederates, and then they will go after the large monuments they don’t care for, like Mount Rushmore.

Rush Limbaugh agrees with our stance on the subject of the removal of confederate statues and memorials.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh has wry advice for activists targeting historical monuments to combat racism: “You’ve got to get rid of the Democrat Party.”

Criticism of the Jefferson Memorial by the Rev. Al Sharpton, coupled with the tearing down of Confederate monument in North Carolina this week, prompted a race monologue by the eponymous host of “The Rush Limbaugh Show” on Tuesday.

The man behind “the golden EIB microphone” told his millions of listeners that left-wing activists “cannot be mollified” by ridding the nation of Civil War monuments before jokingly laying out a blueprint for success.

“Their whole argument resides on the notion that it hasn’t changed, that there still is, for all intents and purposes, slavery. There still is racism. There still is bigotry,” Mr. Limbaugh said in response to Mr. Sharpton’s appearance Monday night on PBS host Charlie Rose’s show.

Mr. Sharpton called the Jefferson Memorial a “personal” affront akin to subsidizing insults towards his family.

“The Klan was all Democrats, and the segregationists in the South were all Democrats,” Mr. Limbaugh responded. “I’d like to ask a question about this, for those of you on the left. You want to tear down the statues of Robert E. Lee and you want to tear down, now, the Jefferson Memorial if you’re Al Sharpton.”

“But you want to get rid of all of these monuments that have been erected to people and events in our nation’s past, tied to the Civil War, which you find horribly, horribly offensive and you want to get rid of all vestiges. Well, at what point are you gonna realize that you also have to disband the Democrat Party? If you’re gonna really succeed and follow through to the end on this mission, you’ve got to get rid of the Democrat Party.”

The conservative host’s commentary came three days after 32-year-old Heather Heyer was killed during a clash between white supremacists and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia. Cops arrested suspect James Alex Fields, 20, after he plowed his vehicle into a crowd.

“If you cleanse all of these uncomfortable and painful reminders — the statues are down, the roads are renamed, all of these monuments are gone — how is your life on that day made better? How is your standard of living impacted?” Mr. Limbaugh continued. “How is your overall degree of happiness measured?”

“I guarantee you they haven’t thought this far because that’s not what any of this is about. We’re dealing hip deep with an unhinged irrationality that has the full-fledged support of the American media, which remains the organizing power today that projects the power of the American and the worldwide left.”

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