Brain Dead Idiot Bob Costas’ Gun Control Rant

Does Bob really believe the stupid-ass crap that came out of his mouth, when he said “If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.”?

This was a 6’2” 228 pound linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, who didn’t need a gun to kill – He has all of the strength and aggressiveness to kill the lady anytime he pleased, with just his bare hands.

If Jovan Belcher wanted to kill Kasandra Perkins, there are no gun laws that would have stopped the crime. The killer would have just used a different method of killing.

If guns were outlawed, he would have used a bat, crowbar, or a hammer, or just his bare hands. Should those other legal products be outlawed because they may be used in violent crimes?

Here is what I believe.
Bob Costas, and anyone else who wants to take away my right to own a gun, are complete idiots, who will definitely have a deadly fight on their hands if they try and take away my guns.

I also believe that MAYBE the problem is with the way that the National Football League coddles and praises the players who break the law, pumps the kids with powerful drugs to ease the pain of their injuries, which ends up turning average young law-abiding boys into raving violent criminals, and then they wonder why these problems occur.

The truth is that every year, guns save far more lives than they take, and America would be a far more dangerous place without armed citizens. It has been proven as fact time and time again that murder rates rise consistently when gun ownership is banned.

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