Boycott University of Wisconsin After Defends Disgusting Police Beheading Video Created By Stupid Racist Students

The University of Wisconsin is defending a video created by some of their students, which shows graphic scenes of a police officer, dressed in a pig head, being beheaded.

University of Wisconsin Defends Disgusting Police Beheading Video Created By Stupid Racist Students

University of Wisconsin Defends Disgusting Police Beheading Video Created By Stupid Racist Students

Does the University of Wisconsin REALLY think that this video is protected free speech? So if we made a video of some racist black animals beheading the president of the university, do you really think that the university would make the same free speech defense?

No, it is onlt being defended because the University of Wisconsin is run by disgusting libtard assholes, who probably actually WANT to be creating brainless social justice idiots at their school, and probably agree with the racist University of Wisconsin student’s assessment of police officers, as most stupid libtards do.

If I had kids getting ready to go away to school, the University of Wisconsin would be off the list of schools that my kids could choose. There is no way in hell that I would ever allow my kids to be indoctrinated in sich a piece of shit school, who seem to be actively working towards a lawless society, run by the criminals.

All conservatives need to boycott the University of Wisconsin, and let the University of Wisconsin know why you will not be allowing your kids to attend the crappy racist-controlled university.

Students at the University of Wisconsin acted out the beheading of a police officer in a video that drew outrage from the community, but not from the university, who said the video was an expression of free speech.

The video starts by showing the persecution of black students at the hands of white police officers, and concludes with the students beheading a police officer wearing a pig’s head.

The purpose of the video? “To promote a student-produced clothing line,” the Journal Sentinel reported.

In a statement released by the University of Wisconsin, the school said that the video is protected by free speech rights before eventually adding that the school does not condone the violence portrayed in the video.

State Sen. Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) has called for an investigation into the video:

This vile and racist anti-police video is clearly a direct threat to the brave men and women that serve behind the badge. UW-Madison must immediately hold these students accountable and that should include an investigation by the local police and the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

Nass also called out the University of Wisconsin for allowing the video to be hosted and available on UW-Madison’s IT platform:

This platform is supposed to be used by faculty and students for legitimate academic purposes. It would appear that the video violates the terms of use for this official UW-Madison IT platform.

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