UPDATE: Starbucks Racism Story Withdrawn – For Now – Until More Facts Become Available

We have taken down the post “BOYCOTT NOBLACKS COFFEE – Starbucks Kicks Out Black Customer for Apparently Not Ordering Quick Enough” for now after reading an article by Matt Walsh, and reconsidering the conclusions we had come to without hearing all of the facts..

As Walsh said in his article, it is true that we haven’t heard all of the facts surrounding the incidents at StarBucks Coffee locations in Philadelphia and Redondo Beach, and we realize that we did quickly react to the videos, and jumped with the conclusions made in the articles that we have read regarding these racial incidents at StarBucks.

It is telling that StarBucks is closing 8000 stores for “racial-bias education”, but this does not actually prove that these were cases of racism.

While we do very much dislike StarBucks, and their leftist views, we will try and be more fair, and learn more about the actual facts of both of the latest cases involving the possibility of racist actions by StarBucks employees.

We reserve the right to re-publish our previous article if/when more fact supporting the claims of racism become available.

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