Jimmy Kimmel is a stupid leftist piece of shit sexual abusing pervert, who sexually harassed many underage women while a host of The Man Show, and has the gall to attack First Lady Melania Trump over her accent, and routinely uses gay people as his most favorite punchline, even though he seems to be gay himself.

Kimmel likes kissing men, but Johnny Depp seems to be his man crush, seeing how many times the two have locked lips. And pay attention to the small cueues that show Kimmel is enjoying kissing these men, like the lean-forward, the head tilt and the hands.

Or maybe Jimmy Kimmel is a closet gay who is lashing out to cover up his homosexual feelings. It happens all the time.

Just imagine if some jackass so-called “comedian” attacked Obama while in office the way that these worthless dickhead loser leftist attack President Trump… The libtards would lose their fucking shit, but attacking 45th US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania is the new vogue thing to do from the leftist dumbfucks.

Leftists like Kimmel always claim that they are pro-gay, pro-immigrant, but the very first thing that these fucktards do when they have a chance is to use gay slurs or attacks that disparage immigrants.

Also, it should be noted that First Lady Melania Trump is one of the smartest and most beautiful First Ladies in the history of the United States of America, who is a former super model, speaks 5 languages fluently, and definitely puts disgustingly fugly closet-tranny Michelle Obama or anyone to ever associate with Kimmel to shame.

Kimmel is obviously just pissed off because, even with the TV show and the money that it brings in, Kimmel still can’t get a woman to date/marry him who doesn’t look like she was once a man.

Kimmel probably wouldn’t even notice a boycott of his show because nobody watches his shitty show as it is, but you can bet your ass that they will notice when Kimmel’s advertisers start cancelling their advertisements on the show.

Here is a list of Jimmy Kimmel Live advertisers that need to be hit with a boycott until they pull their support for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

Bud Light@budlight
Buick – @Buick
Chase Bank – @Chase
Claritin – @Claritin
Crown Royal – @CrownRoyal
Dairy Queen – @DairyQueen
Delta Faucets – @deltafaucet
Etrade – @etrade
Gillette – @Gillette
Kia – @Kia
Lexus – @Lexus
Liquid Plumr – @LiquidPlumr
Mitsubishi Cars – @mitsucars
Nicorette – @nicorette 
Nissan – @NissanUSA
Oscar Meyer – @oscarmayer
Red Bull – @redbull
Slim Jim – @SlimJim
Twix – @twix
Volvo – @VolvoCarUSA

Contact the advertisers of Jimmy Kimmel Live and tell them that you will boycott their companies if they continue to support a gay-bashing immigrant attacker like Kimmel.

A petition to boycott ABC’s late-night funnyman Jimmy Kimmel has reached more than 50,000 signatures after the Live host dedicated a segment of his show on Monday to mock First Lady Melania Trump and her accent.

“We may not get him kicked off the air,” reads the recently launched petition, which calls for the boycott of Jimmy Kimmel Live. “But we can send a message that these attacks on our First Lady will NOT be tolerated!”

Kimmel caused a stir last week with his monologue mocking Mrs. Trump reading a children’s book to kids at the White House Easter Egg Hunt.

“No White House Easter celebration would be complete without story time with our first lady,” Kimmel said.

“Be clever and curious, just like a cat,” Mrs. Trump reads in the video played by Kimmel. “Ask lots of questions. about this and that.”

While his audience laughed along, Kimmel delivered a mocking impression of the first lady’s accent, saying, “Yeah, about dees and dat.”

“Guillermo, you know what this means, you could be first lady of the United States,” Kimmel said to his Mexican immigrant sidekick.

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