Best Buy’s Geek Squad Has Been Helping FBI Illegally Spy on Americans For At Least 10 Years!

We learned last year that Best Buy’s Geek Squad was busted digging through customer’s computers to find evidence of crimes, like the possession of child pornography, and experts say the illegal spying may have “potentially circumvented computer owners’ Fourth Amendment rights”.

Best Buy's Geek Squad Has Been Helping FBI Illegally Spy on Americans For At Least 10 Years!

Best Buy’s Geek Squad Has Been Helping FBI Illegally Spy on Americans For At Least 10 Years!

But now we are learning from an Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit that the Geek Squad has apparently been helping the corrupt FBI to illegally spy on Americans for over 10 years!

The FBI has reportedly been bribing employees of Best Buy’s Geek Squad to hack into and/or illegally search customer computers for anything that they could pass along to the FBI to start an investigation, and the Geek Squad employees are paid well to help the FBI break the law.

The corrupted Geek Squad employees would even search through the deleted files on people’s computer systems, which takes special software to accomplish. Where did the Geek Squad get the forensic software needed to perform these in-depth and unusual scans of previously deleted files? Did the FBI provide the Geek Squad with their forensic software to help facilitate more in-depth spying on Americans?

Of course Best Buy denies the claims. What are they going to say? “Sure, we are breaking the law, and spitting on our customer’s 4th amendment rights, by illegally spying on our customers by digging through their computers searching for evidence of crimes”?

The FBI and DOJ are already in pretty sad shape, due to scandals, crimes and failures of their own makings, and now we have yet another case of corrupt FBI criminals making “false and misleading statements” in order to get search warrants to act upon Best Buy’s Geek Squad’s illegal spying arrangement..

When does the corruption end?

The FBI needs to be torn down and re-built from the ground up to get rid of the political biases and criminal actions infecting the organization.

The FBI has been bribing employees of Best Buy’s Geek Squad to hack into computers for the past 10 years, according to a stunning new report that raises concerns over Fourth Amendment violations.

Technicians were paid between $500 and $1,000 as “informants” and encouraged to search customers’ computers for any illegal material, a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit found.

The FOIA request was filed by the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation after the FBI’s link to the Geek Squad was uncovered in the child pornography case against California doctor Mark Rettenmaier.

Documents recently released to EFF detail the FBI’s close relationship with Best Buy.

A memo from September 2008 describes how the big-box electronic retailer hosted a meeting of the agency’s “Cyber Working Group” at Best Buy’s Kentucky repair facility and even gave agents a tour of the space.

The memo also said the agency’s Louisville Division “has maintained close liaison with the Geek Squad’s management in an effort to glean case initiations and to support the division’s Computer Intrusion and Cyber Crime programs.”

Geek Squad technicians would flag what they believed to be child porn in calls to FBI’s Louisville field office, EFF said. The feds would show up, review the images in question and determine whether they were illegal. The hard drive or computer would then be seized and sent to another FBI field office closest to where the device’s owner lived, EFF said.

Local agents would investigate further — and sometimes try to obtain a search warrant.

In some of the reports obtained by EFF, FBI agents identified Geek Squad technicians as “CHS” — or confidential human sources. In other instances, agents noted the calls as coming from Best Buy employees.

“The relationship potentially circumvents computer owners’ Fourth Amendment rights,” EFF said.

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