Did “Authorities” Intentionally Allow Florida School Massacre For Distraction?

With all of the warnings and red flags that were thrown up before Nikolas Cruz shot up the Florida school, it is hard to believe that this is just a case of a mass murderer just “slipping through the cracks”.

The “Authorities” were alerted on multiple occasions that Cruz was a threat, and there was plenty of warnings that seem to have been ignored.

Two people specifically reported Nikolas Cruz to the FBI as a troubled person who may become a school shooter, as well as many, many other red flags that usually alone should have been enough of an alert to stop this tragedy.

Using his real name, Cruz had posted the very specific and foretelling threat on YouTube, which stated “I’m going to be a professional school shooter”, but the Fumbling Bumbling FBI claim that they couldn’t locate Cruz.

Another person who apparently knew Cruz (we are now being told that this latest tipster was Cruz’s own aunt) reported Nikolas Cruz to the FBI as someone who wanted to kill people, had firearms, and specifically alerted them to the danger that Cruz may become a school shooter, but the FBI still sat on their hands.

One might think that a “school shooter” situation might be one of the “authorities” top priorities, which might get the quickest and mot thorough attention, but in this case it was apparently the last thing the “authorities” were concerned about.


Maybe the FBI wants the American People to enact citizens arrests on terrorists like Cruz, and then hand deliver them to the FBI in order for the FBI to do something? Fucking Crazy!!!

Or maybe it be that the FBI allowed the school massacre to try and take the pressure off the quickly-expanding Clinton/DNC/FBI/DOJ/GPS FISAGATE scandal, which could land many FBI officials in prison? (a decision that definitely backfired and just added more heat on the FBI due to their mishandling of the Florida school shooter information)

So we know of at least two individuals (one possibly being Crus’ aunt), who reported Cruz to the FBI as a possible “school shooter”, but these are just the ignored reports that we know about because the tipsters came out and told their story. If they didn’t come out and tell their stories, the FBI probably would never have admitted their role in causing the Florida school shooting.

How many other reports on Nikolas Cruz did the FBI ignore that could have stopped Cruz?

Could it be that the Democrats and FBI allowed the school massacre to ignite a firestorm against guns and the 2nd Amendment, which could be exploited by Democrats in the upcoming election?

Democrat and FBI criminals have already shown that they will do and say anything, no matter how illegal or wrong, in order to gain the political upper-hand, and we would not put any of this beyond them either.

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