Anti-Conservative Libtard Media Deserves Good Portion of Blame for Las Vegas Massacre

One thing that we have not yet heard is what responsibility the anti-conservative libtard fake news media has in turning Stephen Paddock into a mass murderer.

Just about every single member of the libtard media, no matter if it is a “news” program, the Late Show, Saturday Night Live, or anything in between, every libtard asshole who has spoken about harming conservatives or the President of the United States bears a lot of responsibility for what happened in Las Vegas.

Libtards always say that “words are weapons” and the anti-conservative words of the libtard media most likely played a huge part in driving Stephen Paddock and company to murder 59 country music fans.

You even saw it immediately after the Las Vegas massacre where libtards thought it was cool to write stupid shit like “It’s OK, the dead were all conservatives.”

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