Anti-American NFL Loser Colin Kaepernick To Postpone Further Hatred of U.S Until He Signs New Contract

Colin Kaepernick is a total fucking loser, sellout, and a big fucking pussy as well. Kaepernick originally said that he would continue kneeling during the National Anthem at the beginning of NFL games until he saw a significant changes in improving social justice in America.

It has “leaked out” that Kaepernick now says that he will stand for the National Anthem for the 2017 season because he apparently feels that he has made significant changes to race relations, and doesn’t want to “detract from the positive change that he believes has been created”, even though race relations in the United States have only gotten much worse since the start of Kaepernick’s protest, and partially due to Kaepernick’s hatred of America.

The truth is that since Colin Kaepernick opted-out of his contract extension with the San Francisco 49ers, and is now a free agent, he is probably scared shitless that no other NFL teams will want to take on the racism and other heaps of problems that come with having a piece of shit anti-American loser, like Kaepernick, on their team, so Kaepernick leaked to the media that he will no longer outwardly display his hatred of America.

Kaepernick and his agent probably came to the decision that Kaepernick needs to at least say that there will be a change to trick another team into taking on all of Kaepernick’s stupid bullshit.

Anti-American Kaepernick is bad for the USA and REALLY bad for the NFL!

There is a good chance that no other teams will want the distraction and hatred that comes along with Kaepernick. Personally, I would love to see Colin Kaepernick get passed on by the other NFL teams, and being forced to retire from football would be a great cherry on top!

On his Thursday Fox Sports 1 radio show, Colin Cowherd slammed quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s courage for choosing to end his national anthem protest now that he is looking for a job in the NFL, calling the quarterback a “sellout.”

Cowherd questioned not only the fact that Kaepernick’s decision to stop his protest was leaked to the media but also the timing for him to stop kneeling.

Partial transcript as follows:

Colin Kaepernick, what do you know? The story just happens to leak as Colin Kaepernick is now a free agent. From Adam Schefter: Kaepernick no longer wants the past method of protest to detract from the positive change he believes he has created per sources. So, Colin Kaepernick now makes sure this story leaks to Adam Shefter…

Kaepernick believes now he’s made real change, which that is at best debatable. Now that he’s a free agent, what happened to your altruism? What happened to your this is long term? What happened to your strong belief? Now that you’re on the market and you still want to get paid, now, now you won’t kneel for the anthem. It’s funny how it leaked. you didn’t have to announce this, but what do I tell you, folks? The only stories that leak are stories somebody wants to leak, OK?

Here’s Colin Kaepernick. Now he’s on the open market. Suddenly, “You know, I don’t want to detract from –” oh, you did when you had the contract. Now you don’t have one. Now you’ve got a new agent. Now you know, Colin Kaepernick, you’re smart enough to know that GMs don’t want you bringing politics to work. Now it takes courage to do it. It’s one thing when you’re under contract and Blaine Gabbert’s the best quarterback on your team.

It doesn’t take a ton of courage. It takes courage now. Now is courage. Now go out and kneel. Now go out and announce, “I’m going to kneel still.” That’s courage. Courage isn’t, “I’m under contract, Blaine Gabbert’s the starter, we don’t have another competent backup, Chip Kelly in his first year, I’m disrupting things.” Yeah, courage. Courage is you’re on the street, need to get paid and taking a stand. So, whether I agree or not, what does this tell you? It feels like a sellout to me. Feels like selling out to me, and I defended Kaepernick. I defended him on the kneel. I said that’s the world we live in. People protest.

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