Alabama Voters need to do the right thing today and elect Judge Roy Moore!!!

New Polls Show Judge Moore Completely Unaffected By Shameful Fake WaPo Democrat Hit Piece

New Polls Show Judge Moore Completely Unaffected By Shameful Fake WaPo Democrat Hit Piece

The people of Alabama need to reject the fake news and false allegations trying to trick conservatives into voting for a Democrat, who will turn Alabama into a dangerous shithole, like Detroit or Chicago, destroy President Trump’s agenda, and make the Democrat dream of Impeaching President Trump much more possible.

All of the false allegations against Judge Moore are political lies which have all been debunked without a doubt.

The Democrat Party, and many of it’s most famous and powerful members, including many members of the fake media, make up one big seething cesspool of criminals (sex, tax, corruption), who should not, and cannot be trusted to tell the truth. These are disgusting liars who will do and say anything to try and destroy Judge Moore, win the senate seat, and then their ultimate goal of attempting a hostile takeover of the Presidency by using their other scandals and lies to impeach President Trump.

Don’t fall for the corruption, and vote for the real conservative in the race. Judge Roy Moore.

I think that Judge Moore will win because most people are smart enough to see through the lies, and know that these false allegations, all debunked, were brought out at the last minute for most impact.

I also can’t wait to see how Half-Fake Fox News explains their latest poll showing that Moore was down by 10 points. That must be the new libtard side of Fox coming through again, which has made many former Fox viewers turn off and against Fox News.

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