23 Million Out of Work Yet Obama Says Biggest Failure is Not Pasing Immigration Reform

Obama is completely out of touch with reality, and as usual won’t say anything not polled and tailored to the group he is speaking to, even if he knows it is a lie.

Obama says that his biggest failure as President is his inability to pass Immigration Reform, not the tens of millions still out of work, or the wasted $ trillions which lined the pockets of Obama’s friends and supporters, or the complete failure of his Foreign Policy.

Every other time Obama has been asked what his biggest failure is, he said that his biggest mistake was not telling a better story to the American People, but then when speaking with the Latino channel UNIVISION, Obama’s biggest failure all of the sudden became not passing Immigration Reform. Typical shameless Obama pandering to the group he is speaking to.

“My biggest failure so far is we haven’t gotten comprehensive immigration reform done, but it’s not because for lack of trying or desire, and I’m confident we are going to accomplish that.”

Immigration Reform, if done correctly is a good thing. We are not too sure about Obama’s Immigration Plan though, as it seems that he and many Democrats are in favor of an Open Borders Immigration Policy, which is the worst thing for the security of our nation.

Obama isn’t very concerned with the security of our country though, and has for almost 4 years continually worked to keep our borders open, weaken our military, and knock our nation down a few notches.

We need to elect Mitt Romney to start reversing the damage that the Obama administration has done to our economy and our nation.

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