Over 200 Former CNN Employees File Lawsuit Against Company Claiming Racial Discrimination At Network

This is great! On top of CNN already being worst offender in disseminating mostly fake news, it now appears that CNN is also one of the nation’s largest racial discriminators, as over 200 former CNN employee have now filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the network.

Over 200 Former CNN Employees File Lawsuit Against Company Claiming Racial Discrimination At Network

Over 200 Former CNN Employees File Lawsuit Against Company Claiming Racial Discrimination At Network

From what we have read so far, it seems that some of the plaintiffs in the CNN Racial Discrimination Class-Action Lawsuit were fired from CNN after alerting the human resources department about discriminatory treatment they experienced at CNN.

This may be similar to how the situation went with some of the fired CNN employees.

CNN Employees: I need to report instances of racial discrimination while on the job here at CNN.
CNN Management: There is no racial discrimination at CNN – You’re fired!

I know that CNN viewership is way, way down, but it amazes me that CNN still has any advertisers at all, with all of the problems that shitty network is dealing with.

  • Pushing 99% “Fake & Deceptive News” that has badly hurt CNN’s now non-existent credibility
  • Working with the Democrats to come up with non-stop false attacks against the President of the United States
  • Deceptively editing videos to make President Trump & Republicans look bad, as well as attacking American constitutional rights
  • Publishing a fake story on its website, and then forced to apologize and retract the fake story, and causing 3 high-ranking CNN “journalists” to resign
  • CNN’s very sketchy “reporting” of the Fake Trump Russia Dossier and wall to wall coverage of fake hacking stories.
  • CNN star Kathy Griffin was fired from CNN after she pulled the brainless “Trump Beheading” stunt, which earned her an in-depth investigation by the Secret Service.
  • James O’Keefe caught a senior CNN producer admitting on video that the the idiots at CNN know that the Trump/Russia story is a hoax, but still push the crap out of it for ratings
  • A repeat of Tucker Carlson’s Fox New show attracts more viewers than any show on CNN.
  • CNN may have committed the crime of “coercion” by how they handled the Reddit user who created the hilarious  Trump Wrestling video.
  • CNN reportedly directed its employees to viciously attack Donna Brazile to destroy her credibility after she released a book detailing many damaging and embarrassing dirty secrets of the DNC .
  • Fake CNN coverage helped cause some of the racial problems and unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore.
  • CNN also routinely and viciously attacks, and tries to discredit any black person who falls off the Racist Democrat Plantation, or has a mind of their own.
  • Jake Tapper and CNN have been misinforming their viewers about what “Allahu Akbar” really means, in an attempt to normalize Islamic terrorist attacks in America

A dismissed lawsuit that was filed earlier this year alleging racial discrimination at CNN is back with even more plaintiffs.

What started with 175 accusers has swelled to over 200 former employees who claim black employees are discriminated against. The lawyer leading the case, Daniel R. Meachum told Fox News the allegations against CNN are “as abhorrent as all of the sexual harassment cases that are rightfully now being prosecuted.”

“Educated, well-intentioned, experienced and talented African-Americans are being discriminated against,” he claims.

With the additional names on the lawsuit, Meachum says, “We are drafting a new complaint, line by line, addressing the issues that [the judge who previously dismissed the case] outlined for us.”

Meachum says his the plaintiffs “are not overly sensitive, walking around with chips on their shoulders,” but have experienced “lower performance ratings in evaluations” and missed advancement at the company compared to non-black employees.

The lawyer says “95 percent” of the claims for all the plaintiffs happened in the last four years.

So, CNN is biased and probably racist. Good to know.

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